Nonlinear dynamics and pattern bifurcations in a model for vegetation stripes in semi-arid environments.

  title={Nonlinear dynamics and pattern bifurcations in a model for vegetation stripes in semi-arid environments.},
  author={Jonathan A. Sherratt and Gabriel J. Lord},
  journal={Theoretical population biology},
  volume={71 1},
In many semi-arid environments, vegetation is self-organised into spatial patterns. The most striking examples of this are on gentle slopes, where striped patterns are typical, running parallel to the contours. Previously, Klausmeier [1999. Regular and irregular patterns in semiarid vegetation. Science 284, 1826-1828.] has proposed a model for vegetation stripes based on competition for water. Here, we present a detailed study of the patterned solutions in the full nonlinear model, using… CONTINUE READING

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