Nonlinear control synthesis by sum of squares optimization: a Lyapunov-based approach

  title={Nonlinear control synthesis by sum of squares optimization: a Lyapunov-based approach},
  author={Stephen Prajna and Antonis Papachristodoulou and Fen Wu},
  journal={2004 5th Asian Control Conference (IEEE Cat. No.04EX904)},
  pages={157-165 Vol.1}
This paper addresses the state feedback control synthesis problems for nonlinear systems, either without or with guaranteed cost or H/sub /spl infin// performance objectives. By representing the open-loop nonlinear systems in a state dependent linear-like form and considering a special class of Lyapunov functions, sufficient conditions for the solutions to the above problems can be formulated in terms of state dependent linear matrix inequalities. Semidefinite programming relaxations based on… CONTINUE READING
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