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Nonlinear and Quantum Superresolution and Fast-Light Pulse-Distortion Management

  title={Nonlinear and Quantum Superresolution and Fast-Light Pulse-Distortion Management},
  author={Heedeuk Shin},
I describe my research on two topics in the area of experimental nonlinear optics: interferometric superresolution and fast-light pulse-distortion management. In the first topic, I study means to achieve enhanced resolution over the classical Rayleigh limit through the use of nonlinear and quantum optical methods. In the second topic, I suggest and demonstrate a new procedure for fast-light pulse-distortion management in a saturable gain medium. The minimum peak-to-peak distance of an optical… 



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Two-photon absorption of photosensitive media can produce interference fringes with double spatial frequency. This requires the employment of multiple-frequency beams, which interfere with one

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Amplification of ultrashort optical pulses in semiconductor laser amplifiers is shown to result in considerable spectral broadening and distortion as a result of the nonlinear phenomenon of

Nonlinear optical lithography with ultra-high sub-Rayleigh resolution.

In these experiments, an N-photon-absorption recording medium is simulated by Nth harmonic generation followed by a CCD camera, suggesting that the improved resolution achieved through use of "quantum lithography" results primarily from the nonlinear response of the recording medium and not from quantum features of the light field.

Low distortion Brillouin slow light in optical fibers using AM modulation.

N numerically and experimentally demonstrate that the same experimental apparatus usually employed for generating a Brillouin gain doublet, can also be used for achieving three equally-spaced BrillouIn gain resonances, further increasing the distortion-constrained pulse delay.

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Techniques that use quantum interference effects are being actively investigated to manipulate the optical properties of quantum systems. One such example is electromagnetically induced transparency,

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A four-photon interferometer based on linear optics is demonstrated, demonstrating the presence of a four-particle mode-entangled state and anticipating that this scheme should be extendable to arbitrary photon numbers, holding promise for realizable applications with entanglement-enhanced performance.

Super-resolving phase measurements with a multiphoton entangled state

This work demonstrates experimentally a technique for producing a maximally entangled three-photon state from initially non-entangled photons, which can in principle be applied to generate states of arbitrary photon number, giving arbitrarily large improvement in measurement resolution.

Two-photon absorption of nonclassical light.

Two-photon absorption of light with nonclassical (squeezed) fluctuations is considered and Mollow' derived the following expression for the twophoton absorption rate from a stationary field through second order in perturbation theory.