Nonlinear Thouless Pumping: Solitons and Transport Breakdown.

  title={Nonlinear Thouless Pumping: Solitons and Transport Breakdown.},
  author={Qidong Fu and Peng Wang and Yaroslav V. Kartashov and Vladimir V. Konotop and Fangwei Ye},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={128 15},
One-dimensional topological pumping of matter waves in two overlaid optical lattices moving with respect to each other is considered in the presence of attractive nonlinearity. It is shown that there exists a threshold nonlinearity level above which the matter transfer is completely arrested. Below this threshold, the transfer of both dispersive wave packets and solitons occurs in accordance with the predictions of the linear theory; i.e., it is quantized and determined by the linear dynamical… 

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