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Nonlinear System Identification and Analysis with Applications to Power Amplifier Modeling and Power Amplifier Predistortion

  title={Nonlinear System Identification and Analysis with Applications to Power Amplifier Modeling and Power Amplifier Predistortion},
  author={Raviv Raich},
  • R. Raich
  • Published 7 April 2004
  • Engineering
Indirect learning Hammerstein HPA predistorter for wideband GNSS signals
A digital predistorter is demonstrated that can effectively guarantee the nominal signal quality in space not only during the maintenance of the current GNSSs but also for the future emerging local or global navigation systems.
Impact of subband quantization on DPD correction performance
The multi-stage noise band cancellation (MSNBC) ΣΔ architecture is able to provide a signal digitized by subbands and where the subbands may be digitized with different resolutions, resulting in a more flexible and low power consumming solution.
Nonlinear MIMO communication systems : channel estimation and information recovery using Volterra models. (Systèmes de communication MIMO non-linéaires : estimation de canal et récupération d'information en utilisant des modèles de Volterra)
Techniques for channel estimation and information recovery in multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) Volterra communication systems and in order to develop signal processing techniques for MIMO VolterRA communication channels in a blind scenario are proposed, making use of tensor decompositions.
Spectral analysis of GFDM modulated signal under nonlinear behavior of power amplifier
The effects of nonlinear behavior of practical power amplifier (PA) on the GFDM spectrum is investigated and the performance of GFDM modulation after nonlinear PA is compared with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing modulation.
Traditional and Perspective Nonlinearity Correction Methods in Power Amplifiers of Digital Television Transmitters
  • A. V. Efimov
  • Engineering
    2020 International Youth Conference on Radio Electronics, Electrical and Power Engineering (REEPE)
  • 2020
Nonlinearity correction methods in power amplifiers of complex multi-frequency signals used in digital broadcasting, in particular, Volterra series, LUT tables, and perspective neural networks are discussed.
Characterization and Performance Improvement of Cooperative Wireless Networks With Nonlinear Power Amplifier at Relay
In this paper, the performance of the cooperative cognitive radio network with the amplify-and-forward protocol is studied when the relay uses a nonlinear power amplifier (NLPA). Furthermore, taking
This thesis illustrates and presents how software defined radio (SDR) platforms can be used to demonstrate Digital pre-distortion (DPD), and shows decent performance for linearization by using the USRP platform.
The advanced linearity performance executed through the strategies and methods evolved on this thesis can allow a higher usage of the capability overall performance of existing and emerging exceptionally performance PAs, and therefore an anticipated to have an effect in future wireless communication systems.
The Fingerprinting Analysis of Power Amplifier Predistortion Error from Wideband Signals
This paper analyzes and identifies typical DPD architectures and uses a power amplifier behavior model to compensate the PA’s nonlinear and memory effect respectively, and identifies three DPD and PA architectures above a neural network classifier.
Tensor-based methods for high-power amplifier identification and predistortion linearization
In this paper, we consider the problem of identification and predistortion of nonlinear high-power amplifier (HPA) using tensor-based methods. The HPA is modeled by a Wiener system structured as a


The Volterra and Wiener Theories of Nonlinear Systems
This text presents a complete and detailed development of the analysis, design and characterization of non-linear systems using the Volterra and Wiener theories, as well as gate functions, thus
Digital predistortion of wideband signals based on power amplifier model with memory
Memory effects in the power amplifier limit the performance of digital predistortion for wideband signals. Novel algorithms that take into account such effects are proposed. Measured results are
The behavior of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signals in an amplitude limiting channel
  • J. Rinne, M. Renfors
  • Physics
    Proceedings of ICC/SUPERCOMM'94 - 1994 International Conference on Communications
  • 1994
This paper presents an investigation of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signal distortion in an amplitude limited channel. In the presence of both limiter distortion and channel
High-Linearity RF Amplifier Design
This is the first single comprehensive guide to examine and directly compare all major RF power amplifier linearization techniques in detail and save you valuable design time while helping to avoid costly design errors.
OFDM in bandpass nonlinearity
The behavior of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signals in bandpass nonlinearity is presented. In particular, in-band bit-error-rate (BER) degradation and induced adjacent channel
A predistorter design for a memory-less nonlinearity preceded by a dynamic linear system
The approach is very effective in compensating the memory-less nonlinearity preceded by a linear system with memory and shows the results for nonlinear systems including TWT-type nonlinearities.
Principles of Digital Transmission: With Wireless Applications
Principal of Digital Transmission provides rigorous mathematical tools for the analysis and design of digital transmission systems and applies the fundamental tools of the discipline onto a number of systems, such as wireless data transmission systems.
The effect of a memoryless nonlinearity on the spectrum of a random process
It is shown that, for a Gaussian process and for some non-Gaussian processes, any memoryless nonlinearity has a whitening effect in the sense that the output spectrum is smoother and occupies a
On the expansion of a bivariate distribution and its relationship to the output of a nolinearity
Three distinct expansions of bivariate distributions are presented along with a constructive procedure to obtain them explicitly and the cross-covarianee property and certain results on the expansion of the output of a nonlinearity are extended to a larger class of random processes.
On a moment theorem for complex Gaussian processes
  • I. Reed
  • Mathematics
    IRE Trans. Inf. Theory
  • 1962
A general theorem is provided for the moments of a complex Gaussian video process that states that an n th order central product moment is zero if n is odd and is equal to a sum of products of covariances when n is even.