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Nonlinear Quantum Field Theory

  title={Nonlinear Quantum Field Theory},
  author={A. G. Kyriakos},
Crisis in Quantum Field Theory and Its Overcoming (Axiomatic Approach Versus Heuristic)
The proposed article tries to answer basic physical assumptions in quantum theory using a new approach to solve the crisis in fundamental physics. Expand


Quantum theory of the electromagnetic field
Existing attempts to apply the quantum theory to the electromagnetic field are open to serious objections. Above all, the time is treated differently from the space co-ordinates; the quantitiesExpand
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Within the framework of the Heisenberg variant of the unified nonlinear spinor theory of elementary particles an attempt is made to calculate the mass of the fundamental fermion (“nucleon”). TheExpand
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The new quantum theory, based on the assumption that the dynamical variables do not obey the commutative law of multiplication, has by now been developed sufficiently to form a fairly complete theoryExpand
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The steady development of the quantum theory that has taken place during the present century was made possible only by continual reference to the Correspondence Principle of Bohr, according to which,Expand
Quantum Theory of Fields
To say that this is the best book on the quantum theory of fields is no praise, since to my knowledge it is the only book on this subject. But it is a very good and most useful book. The original wasExpand
Spontaneous symmetry breaking as a basis of particle mass
Electroweak theory joins electromagnetism with the weak force in a single quantum field theory, ascribing the two fundamental interactions—so different in their manifestations—to a common symmetryExpand
The quantum theory of the electron
The new quantum mechanics, when applied to the problem of the structure of the atom with point-charge electrons, does not give results in agreement with experiment. The discrepancies consist ofExpand
On the Wave Function of the Photon
It is believed that certain matrix elements of the electromagnetic field operators in quantum electrodynamics, in close analogy with nonrelativistic quantum theory of massive particles, may beExpand
Quantum Electrodynamics
THE subject of quantum electrodynamics is extremely difficult, even for the case of a single electron. The usual method of solving the corresponding wave equation leads to divergent integrals. ToExpand
The physical interpretation of the quantum dynamics
The new quantum mechanics consists of a scheme of equations which are very closely analogous to the equations of classical mechanics, with the funda­mental difference that the dynamical variables doExpand