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Nonlinear Design ofaCbandPowerAmplifier using EEHEMTNonlinear Model

  title={Nonlinear Design ofaCbandPowerAmplifier using EEHEMTNonlinear Model},
  author={J. Dhar and S. K. Garg and R. K. Arora and S. S. Rana},
Thispaper illustrates thenonlinear design ofasingleoneoftheempirical analytical modelwhichtakes into account stage CbandPowerAmplifier. EEHEMTnonlinear model ofthe various nonlinear effects viz.drainto sourcecurrent, EudynaMESFETdevice FLM5359-4F hasbeenusedforthe compression oftransconductance, biasdependent gatecharge single carrier nonlinear design oftheamplifier. Papercovers all * ~~~model, gateforward conduction current, gatebreakdown aspects related tononlinear design ofa poweramplifier… Expand