Noninvasiveness and time symmetry of weak measurements

  title={Noninvasiveness and time symmetry of weak measurements},
  author={A. Bednorz and K. Franke and W. Belzig},
  journal={New Journal of Physics},
  • A. Bednorz, K. Franke, W. Belzig
  • Published 2011
  • Physics
  • New Journal of Physics
  • Measurements in classical and quantum physics are described in fundamentally different ways. Nevertheless, one can formally define similar measurement procedures with respect to the disturbance they cause. Obviously, strong measurements, both classical and quantum, are invasive—they disturb the measured system. We show that it is possible to define general weak measurements, which are noninvasive: the disturbance becomes negligible as the measurement strength goes to zero. Classical intuition… CONTINUE READING
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