Noninvasive measurement of blood flow and extraction fraction.

  title={Noninvasive measurement of blood flow and extraction fraction.},
  author={A Michael Peters and Ranjan D. Gunasekera and Bird L Henderson and John Brown and J. Peter Lavender and M J de Souza and J. Marshall Ash and David Gilday},
  journal={Nuclear medicine communications},
  volume={8 10},
We describe the theory of a technique for the noninvasive measurement of organ blood flow which is based on the principle of fractionation of cardiac output and is applicable with any recirculating gamma emitting tracer. The technique effectively determines the count rate that would be recorded over the organ if the tracer behaved like radiolabelled microspheres and was completely trapped in the organ's vascular bed on first pass. After correction for organ depth, the estimated first pass… CONTINUE READING


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