Noninvasive evaluation of oral lesions using depth-sensitive optical spectroscopy.

  title={Noninvasive evaluation of oral lesions using depth-sensitive optical spectroscopy.},
  author={Richard A. Schwarz and Wen Gao and Crystal Redden Weber and Cristina Kurachi and J Jack Lee and A El-naggar and Rebecca R. Richards-Kortum and Ann Gillenwater},
  volume={115 8},
BACKGROUND Optical spectroscopy is a noninvasive technique with potential applications for diagnosis of oral dysplasia and early cancer. In this study, we evaluated the diagnostic performance of a depth-sensitive optical spectroscopy (DSOS) system for distinguishing dysplasia and carcinoma from non-neoplastic oral mucosa. METHODS Patients with oral lesions and volunteers without any oral abnormalities were recruited to participate. Autofluorescence and diffuse reflectance spectra of selected… CONTINUE READING