Noninvasive evaluation of cardiac veins with 16-MDCT angiography.

  title={Noninvasive evaluation of cardiac veins with 16-MDCT angiography.},
  author={Suhny Abbara and Ricardo Cury and K. Nieman and Vivek Y. Reddy and Fabian Moselewski and Steven Schmidt and Maros Ferencik and Udo Hoffmann and Thomas J. Brady and Stephan Achenbach},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={185 4},
OBJECTIVE Anatomic mapping of the cardiac veins is important to guide transvenous therapeutic procedures such as biventricular pacing. As an alternative to invasive venography, we studied the feasibility of MDCT of the cardiac venous anatomy. CONCLUSION Cardiac venous anatomy is variable. MDCT is a noninvasive method that allows detailed imaging of the cardiac venous anatomy, including small cardiac veins and thebesian valves. Therefore, cardiac MDCT may be a valuable tool for guiding… CONTINUE READING

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