Nonhuman voices in Anglo-Saxon literature and material culture

  title={Nonhuman voices in Anglo-Saxon literature and material culture},
  author={James Paz},
Old English Enigmatic Poems and Their Reception in Early Scholarship and Supernatural Fiction
The scholarly reception history of the Old English riddles and adjacent “enigmatic poems” of the Exeter Book reveals a long process of creating intelligibility and order out of a complicated and
Objects That Object, Subjects That Subvert: Agency in Exeter Book Riddle 5
A sequence of Old English riddles from the Exeter Book allow an implement to speak. This article focuses on one example, Riddle 5, generally solved as either a shield or a cutting board, to show how
»I am a virgin woman and a virgin woman’s child« Critical Plant Theory and the Maiden Mother Conceit in Early Medieval Riddles
While early medieval riddles in Old English and, to a lesser extent, Latin, have been studied extensively from ecocritical perspectives in recent years, the large corpora of riddles in other
Becoming an Onion: The Extra-Human Nature of Genital Difference in the Old English Riddling and Medical Traditions
Reading these texts together suggests that gender is at this time not understood as a system existing in relation to biological sex, in which genitals are understood as relatively inert signifiers of a physical difference that is coterminous with the human body itself.
A Double-edged Sword: Swords, Bodies, and Personhood in Early Medieval Archaeology and Literature
In Anglo-Saxon and Viking literature swords form part of a hero's identity. In addition to being weapons, they represent a material agent for the individual's actions, a physical expression of
II Old English
This chapter has eleven sections: 1. Bibliography; 2. Manuscript Studies, Palaeography, and Facsimiles; 3. Cultural and Intellectual Contexts; 4. Literature: General; 5. The Poems of the Exeter
Books Received
Alio, Jacqueline, Margaret, Queen of Sicily. New York: Trinacria Editions, 2016. Paper. Pp. xx, 489; many black-and-white figures and 15 maps. $42. ISBN: 978-0-991-58865-7. Ambler, S. T., Bishops in
The role of the library in scholarly publishing: The University of Manchester experience
Research has suggested that there is more value to the University in the provision of training in scholarly publishing than in the creation of new in-house journal titles, where such titles are created, careful consideration of sustainable business models is vital.


Object-Oriented Mythography
This essay investigates the compelling affinities between the premodern mythographic tradition and the various schools of thought grouped under the rubrics of speculative realism, object-oriented
Skeat, vol. 2 (Oxford
  • 1966
Grendel’s Mother
Representations of the Natural World in Old English Poetry
Review of Representations of the Natural World in Old English Poetry, by Jennifer Neville (Cambridge UP, 1999).
The Date and Provenance of the Franks Casket
In 1857 Augustus Wollaston Franks purchased from a Paris antique dealer a small (9 x 7 1/2 x 5 1/8 inches) rectangular whalebone casket carved with narrative scenes and inscribed with runes (Fig. 1).