Nonfunctionality of Aspergillus sojae aflR in a strain of Aspergillus parasiticus with a disrupted aflR gene.

  title={Nonfunctionality of Aspergillus sojae aflR in a strain of Aspergillus parasiticus with a disrupted aflR gene.},
  author={Tadashi Takahashi and P. -K. Chang and Kenichiro Matsushima and Jiujiang Yu and Keietsu Abe and Deepak Bhatnagar and Thomas E. Cleveland and Yasuji Koyama},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={68 8},
Aspergillus sojae belongs to the Aspergillus section Flavi but does not produce aflatoxins. The functionality of the A. sojae aflR gene (aflRs) was examined by transforming it into an DeltaaflR strain of A. parasiticus, derived from a nitrate-nonutilizing, versicolorin A (VERA)-accumulating strain. The A. parasiticus aflR gene (aflRp) transformants produced VERA, but the aflRs transformants did not. Even when aflRs was placed under the control of the amylase gene (amyB) promoter of Aspergillus… CONTINUE READING

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