Nonequivalent nuclear location of immunoglobulin alleles in B lymphocytes

  title={Nonequivalent nuclear location of immunoglobulin alleles in B lymphocytes},
  author={Jane A. Skok and Karen E. Brown and V{\'e}ronique Azuara and M. Soledad Fuentes Caparr{\'o}s and Jonathan Baxter and Katalin Tak{\'a}cs and Niall Dillon and David Gray and R. P. Perry and Matthias Merkenschlager and Amanda G Fisher},
  journal={Nature Immunology},
Individual B lymphocytes normally express immunoglobulin (Ig) proteins derived from single Ig heavy chain (H) and light chain (L) alleles. Allelic exclusion ensures monoallelic expression of Ig genes by each B cell to maintain single receptor specificity. Here we provide evidence that at later stages of B cell development, additional mechanisms may contribute to prioritizing expression of single IgH and IgL alleles. Fluorescent in situ hybridization analysis of primary splenic B cells isolated… CONTINUE READING