Nonequilibrium steady solutions of the Boltzmann equation

  title={Nonequilibrium steady solutions of the Boltzmann equation},
  author={Davide Proment and Miguel Onorato and Pietro Asinari and Sergey V. Nazarenko},
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Steady states in dual-cascade wave turbulence
We study stationary solutions in the differential kinetic equation, which was introduced in for description of a local dual cascade wave turbulence. We give a full classification of single-cascade
Spin transport in an electrically driven magnon gas near Bose-Einstein condensation: Hartree-Fock-Keldysh theory
An easy-plane ferromagnetic insulator in a uniform external magnetic field and in contact with a phonon bath and a normal metal bath is studied theoretically in the presence of dc spin current
Wave turbulence in self-gravitating Bose gases and nonlocal nonlinear optics
We develop the theory of weak wave turbulence in systems described by the Schr\"odinger-Helmholtz equations in two and three dimensions. This model contains as limits both the familiar cubic


The Boltzmann equation and its applications
I. Basic Principles of The Kinetic Theory of Gases.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Probability.- 3. Phase space and Liouville's theorem.- 4. Hard spheres and rigid walls. Mean free path.- 5. Scattering of a
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics Climate of utopia
Climate is usually considered to depend on a large number of parameters, this being essentially a functional in multi-dimensional parameter space. We propose a low-dimensional model of a climate
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