Nonequilibrium spin Hall accumulation in ballistic semiconductor nanostructures.

  title={Nonequilibrium spin Hall accumulation in ballistic semiconductor nanostructures.},
  author={Branislav K. Nikolic and Satofumi Souma and Liviu P. Z{\^a}rbo and Jairo Sinova},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={95 4},
We demonstrate that the flow of a longitudinal unpolarized current through a ballistic two-dimensional electron gas with Rashba spin-orbit coupling will induce a nonequilibrium spin accumulation which has opposite signs for the two lateral edges and is, therefore, the principal observable signature of the spin Hall effect in two-probe semiconductor nanostructures. The magnitude of its out-of-plane component is gradually diminished by static disorder, while it can be enhanced by an in-plane… CONTINUE READING