Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics and Scale Invariance

  title={Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics and Scale Invariance},
  author={Leonid M. Martyushev and Vladimir Celezneff},
A variant of continuous nonequilibrium thermodynamic theory based on the postulate of the scale invariance of the local relation between generalized fluxes and forces has been proposed. This single postulate replaces the assumptions on local equilibrium and on the known relation between thermodynamic fluxes and forces, which are widely used in classical nonequilibrium thermodynamics. It has been shown that such a modification not only makes it possible to deductively obtain the main results of… 

Nonlinear Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics Based on the Ehrenfest–Klein Model

It has been shown that the transient fluctuation theorem is valid for this model if a dissipation functional is treated as the thermodynamic entropy production.

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We develop a self-consistent physical model of bubbles in a gas solid two-phase flow. Using the Peng-Robonson state equation and a detailed specific heat ratio equation of bubbles, we obtain the



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The well known rate equations of chemical kinetics are used in order to check the validity of two commonly postulated extensions of the Onsager reciprocal relations into the nonlinear domain. It is

On the Nonlinear Generalizations of Onsager’s Reciprocal Relations

In a nonlinear thermodynamic theory, a nonlinear generalization of Onsager's reciprocal relations is expected. In the literature of modern thermodynamics, there are propositions for them. In the

Gyarmati's Variational Principle of Dissipative Processes

The consistent application of both the local and the global forms of Gyarmati’s principle provides all the advantages throughout explicating the theory of irreversible thermodynamics in the study of mechanics and electrodynamics.

Empiricism or self-consistent theory in chemical kinetics?

Book Review: Modern Thermodynamics: From Heat Engines to Dissipative Structures

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Morphological stability of an interface between two non-Newtonian fluids moving in a Hele-Shaw cell.

A generalized Darcy's law for the system under consideration, as well as an equation for the determination of the critical size of morphological stability with respect to harmonic perturbations (linear analysis), has been derived.