Nonenzymatic preparative-scale synthesis of dityrosine and 3-bromotyrosine.

  title={Nonenzymatic preparative-scale synthesis of dityrosine and 3-bromotyrosine.},
  author={Michael M Tilley and Rachel E Benjamin and Phatthranith Srivarin and K. Tilley},
  journal={Analytical biochemistry},
  volume={334 1},
Dityrosine (3,3 -bityrosine) occurs in many biological systems and is formed by the action of peroxidases, reactive oxygen species/free radicals, or ionizing radiation. Dityrosine is found in extensible proteins such as elastin, resilin, and calmodulin and polymeric structures found in insect eggs, yeast spores, and sea urchin egg developmental stages [1… CONTINUE READING