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None of the Above: Puerto Ricans in the Global Era

  title={None of the Above: Puerto Ricans in the Global Era},
  author={Frances Negrón-Muntaner},
NATIONALISM WITHOUT A NATION-STATE The Absent State F.Pico Nation, Migration, Identity J.Duany Sailing the USS Titanic: Puerto Rico's Unique Insertion into Contemporary Globalization Trends J.Benson National Consensus and the 'Good Feelings' Era C.Pabon None of the Above Means More of the Same: The Elusive Quest for Puerto Rican Self-Determination C.Burnett THE SPECTACLE OF POLITICS AND THE POLITICS OF SPECTACLE Entertainment Tonight! Puerto Rican Media and the Privatization of Politics S… 
Puerto Rican Women's Roles in Independence Nationalism: Unwavering Women
This dissertation investigates the construction of women and feminism in the Puerto Rican nationalist project as presented in Claridad, “the newspaper of the Puerto Rican nation.” This study relies
"The guerilla tongue": The politics of resistance in Puerto Rican poetry
terms, and he advocates freedom from oppression in all of its forms – political, social, economic, linguistic, intellectual, and even spiritual. George Yudice maintains that Soto Velez’s poetry is
Portable Roots: Latin New Yorker Community Building and the Meanings of Women's Return Migration in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1960-2000
The life histories of women return migrants to Puerto Rico are examined, especially how the narrators understood and expressed their collective identity as distinctive from Puerto Ricans born and raised on the island.
Puerto Rico’s Luis Muñoz Marín: Poet, Politician, and Paradox
Some revere Luis Muñoz Marín (1898–1980); others condemn him. The author lived years of her childhood and adolescence in Puerto Rico, when prosperity—to a great extent the result of Luis Muñoz
Slipping and Sliding: The Many Meanings of Race in Life Histories of New York Puerto Rican Return Migrants in San Juan
ABSTRACTThis essay analyzes the workings of race and ethnicity in the life stories of fifteen New York-born Puerto Ricans who have lived in the San Juan metropolitan area for several decades. I argue
Ethnography of the status question and everyday politics in Puerto Rico
  • C. Ellis
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 2015
This thesis is about the power of political elites to establish the framework of political discourse, and to thereby control political power, in Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican 'status question' the
Conjuring the Close from Afar
After more than 60 years of military occupation, 30 of these under violent military practices, a social movement forced the U.S. Navy from the island of Vieques. This victory would not have been
Promises Are Over: Puerto Rico and the Ends of Decolonization
Abstract: How do the lived conditions of colonialism assume particular forms of legibility and dissociation in relation to imperial nation-states such as the United States, where a variety of
Literatura Nullius: The Untranslatability of Eduardo Lalo and the Multirelation of the Puerto Rican Intellectual
This essay mines the concept of untranslatability in two texts by Eduardo Lalo: Los países invisibles and La inutilidad. The analysis interrogates the juridical implications of translation within the
El Centinela Borinqueño: Working for the U.S. Army at Fort Buchanan in Puerto Rico
Over the last century, the United States has enforced its economic and ideological desires throughout the world, but perhaps no other country has been as deeply and diversely impacted by these as