Nondigestibility of a new sweetener, "Neosugar," in the rat.

  title={Nondigestibility of a new sweetener, "Neosugar," in the rat.},
  author={Tsuneyuki Oku and Takao Tokunaga and Norimasa Hosoya},
  journal={The Journal of nutrition},
  volume={114 9},
The digestion of Neosugar, a mixture of 1F-(1-beta-fructofuranosyl)n-1 sucrose [n = 2, 1-kestose (GF2); n = 3, nystose (GF3); n = 4, 1F-beta-fructofuranosyl nystose (GF4)] was investigated in vitro and in vivo by using the rat. The results obtained were as follows. GF2 and GF3 were not hydrolyzed by a pancreatic homogenate. The GF2- and GF3-hydrolyzing activities of the enzymes in the intestinal mucosa homogenate were negligible compared with the activities of maltase and sucrase. GF2 and GF3… CONTINUE READING
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