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Noncontact Measurement Techniques for Model Correlation

  title={Noncontact Measurement Techniques for Model Correlation},
  author={Peter Avitabile and Christopher Niezrecki and Mark N. Helfrick and Christopher Warren and Pawan Pingle},
  journal={Sound and Vibration},
There are a variety of different noncontacting measurements that can typically be employed for developing modal test data. Digital image correlation, dynamic photogrammetry, and three dimensional (3D) laser vibrometry are all noncontacting measuring approaches that were used to obtain modal data for a candidate test structure along with traditional accelerometer measurements. Each approach has its benefits and drawbacks, so comparative measurements are made using these devices to show some of… 

Measurement of 3-D Vibrational Motion by Dynamic Photogrammetry Using Least-Square Image Matching for Sub-Pixel Targeting to Improve Accuracy

The proposed methodology only requires inexpensive daily-use cameras, and can remotely detect the dynamic displacement of a structure vibrating in a complex three-dimensional defection shape up to sub-pixel accuracy, and has abundant potential applications to various fields, e.g., remote vibration monitoring of an inaccessible or dangerous facility.

High-Speed Digital Image Correlation Measurements of Random Nonlinear Dynamic Response

The authors explore the feasibility of using high-speed 3D digital image correlation (DIC) to measure the geometrically nonlinear and stochastic response of a compliant panel representing thin-gauge aircraft-like structure.

Digital Image Correlation Vibrometry with Low Speed Equipment

A low-cost method is presented which enables digital image correlation (DIC) with conventional cameras (i.e. not high-speed) to be used for determination of vibration deflected shapes via the use of

Optical 3D Deformation and Strain Measurement

3D Image correlation technology has been widely used for the analysis of a broad range of materials ranging from biomechanics measurements of tissues, organs, ligaments and bones to microelectronics,

Investigation and Application of Digital Image Correlation Technology in Vibration Measurement Based on Two Cameras

This paper uses BUMBLEBEE binocular stereo cameras to shoot the images of test object, and a MATLAB program is developed to revert the coordinates of every pixel, reduce noise, and generate stereo images.

High-Precision Positioning of Laser Beams for Vibration Measurements

Predicting the vibratory response of structures with complex geometry can be challenging especially when their properties (geometry and material properties) are not known accurately. These structures

Advanced Material Properties Measurements with Optical Metrology

This paper will review microscopic analysis of crystalline behavior, coupon testing of dog bone specimens and large scale materials measurements in stamping operations, and the measurement of extreme materials properties, such as high-speed forming limit curves and deep drawing properties will be discussed.

An Experimental Investigation on Uncertainty in Measuring Vibration Deflection Shapes With Digital Image Correlation

A “Type A” evaluation of uncertainty when measuring vibration deflection shapes with DIC demonstrates a strong correlation between the deflection amplitude and the random uncertainty due to motion blur.




Laser techniques are very popular due to the non-contacting nature of this measurement device. Accelerometer measurements are also widely used in many applications but suffer from potential mass

Three-dimensional displacement measurements using digital image correlation and photogrammic analysis

The application of digital image correlation and stereoscopic principles is used to determine three-dimensional displacements of speckled surface and very accurate results are obtained, expecially when the magnification is increased.

Accurate measurement of three-dimensional deformations in deformable and rigid bodies using computer vision

Results indicate that the three-dimensional measurement methodology, when combined with two-dimensional digital correlation for subpixel accuracy, is a viable tool for the accurate measurement of surface displacements and strains.

Image Correlation for Shape, Motion and Deformation Measurements: Basic Concepts,Theory and Applications

With equal treatment of computer vision fundamentals and techniques for practical applications, this volume is both a reference for academic and industry-based researchers and engineers, as well as a valuable companion text for appropriate vision-based educational offerings.

Application Of Digital Correlation Methods To Rigid Body Mechanics

The random nature of white light speckle is combined with newly developed video digital data acquisition procedures to experimentally determine parameters of interest for a rigid body dynamics

Digital image correlation techniques for full-field displacement measurements of micro air vehicle flapping wings

This work has detailed a novel method for capturing the motion of a rapidly actuated flapping membrane wing with a pair of low-speed stereo cameras and a triggered strobe light. Techniques are

Introduction to modern photogrammetry

Introductory Concepts. Elementary Photogrammetry. Photogrammetric Sensing Systems. Mathematical Concepts in Photogrammetry. Resection, Intersection, and Triangulation. Digital Photogrammetry.