Nonconscious reading? Evidence from neglect dyslexia.

  title={Nonconscious reading? Evidence from neglect dyslexia.},
  author={Anna Berti and Francesca Frassinetti and Carlo Umilta},
  journal={Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior},
  volume={30 2},
In this study we present evidence which supports the view that reading mechanisms, if implicit assessed, are available also in the presence of a severe deficit of spatial awareness. A Stroop-like task was performed by a right brain-damaged patient affected by severe extrapersonal neglect and neglect dyslexia. In reading words and color words, the patient showed the usual pattern of neglect errors; omission, substitution and addition errors. However, when asked to name the colors in which color… CONTINUE READING

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