Noncompression unicortical miniplate osteosynthesis of mandibular fractures.

  title={Noncompression unicortical miniplate osteosynthesis of mandibular fractures.},
  author={Brett W. Davies and John P Cederna and Bahman Guyuron},
  journal={Annals of plastic surgery},
  volume={28 5},
The use of transoral noncompression unicortical miniplates in treating 42 consecutive patients with 64 displaced mandibular fractures (excluding subcondylar) was reviewed. Titanium miniplates (Wurzburg) were used for fixation. The principles set forth by Champy and colleagues, with two plates for body and symphyseal fracture fixation and one plate superiorly along the oblique ridge for angle fractures, were performed. Intermaxillary fixation was not used postoperatively. Results compared… CONTINUE READING