Noncommutative space-time models

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The FRT quantum Euclidean spaces OqN are formulated in terms of Cartesian generators. The quantum analogs of N-dimensional Cayley-Klein spaces are obtained by contractions and analytical continuations. Noncommutative constant-curvature spaces are introduced as spheres in the quantum Cayley-Klein spaces. For N = 5 part of them is interpreted as the noncommutative analogs of (1+3) space-time models. As a result the quantum (anti) de Sitter, Minkowski, Newton, Galilei kinematics with the… Expand
Erlangen Program at Large-1: Geometry of Invariants
This paper presents geometrical foundation for a systematic treatment of three main (elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic) types of analytic function theories based on the representation theory of SL 2Expand
One-parameter Groups of Möbius Maps in Two-Dimensional Real Commutative Algebra
Mobius transformations have been thoughtfully studied over the field of complex numbers. In this thesis, we investigate Mobius transformations over two rings which are not fields: the ring of doubleExpand
Induced Representations and Hypercomplex Numbers
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Field Theory on Kappa-spacetime
A general formalism is developed, that allows the construction of field theory on quantum spaces which are deformations of ordinary spacetime. The symmetry group of spacetime is replaced by a quantumExpand
Quantum Poincare group related to the kappa -Poincare algebra
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On the Contraction of Groups and Their Representations.
  • E. Inonu, E. Wigner
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
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The purpose of the present note is to investigate, in some generality, in which sense groups can be limiting cases of other groups, and how their representations can be obtained from the representations of the groups of which they appear as limits. Expand
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Noncommutative space-time models
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