Noncommutative solitons: moduli spaces, quantization, finite θ effects and stability

  title={Noncommutative solitons: moduli spaces, quantization, finite $\theta$ effects and stability},
  author={Leszek Hadasz and Ulf Lindstrom and Martin Ro{\vc}ek and Rikard von Unge},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We find the N-soliton solution at infinite theta, as well as the metric on the moduli space corresponding to spatial displacements of the solitons. We use a perturbative expansion to incorporate the leading 1/theta corrections, and find an effective short range attraction between solitons. We study the stability of various solutions. We discuss the finite theta corrections to scattering, and find metastable orbits. Upon quantization of the two-soliton moduli space, for any finite theta, we find… 

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