Noncommutative quantum mechanics

  title={Noncommutative quantum mechanics},
  author={Horacio Oscar Girotti},
  journal={American Journal of Physics},
  • H. O. Girotti
  • Published 29 January 2003
  • Physics
  • American Journal of Physics
We discuss the main features of noncommutative quantum mechanics, a version of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics that involves noncommuting coordinates. After finding a representation for the algebra obeyed by the coordinates and momenta, we analyze the changes due to the noncommutative nature of the coordinates. The noncommutative two-dimensional harmonic oscillator is discussed in detail. Under certain restrictions, the effect of the noncommutativity is found to be equivalent to a Landau… 

Alternative Approach to Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics on a Curved Space

Starting with the first-order singular Lagrangian containing the redundant variables, the noncommutative quantum mechanics on a curved space is investigated by the constraint star-product

The noncommutative degenerate electron gas

The quantum dynamics of nonrelativistic single-particle systems involving noncommutative coordinates, usually referred to as noncommutative quantum mechanics, has lately been the object of several

Thermodynamics of Noncommutative Quantum Kerr Black Holes

It is shown that the well-known divergence exhibited in specific heat is not removed by any of these corrections, however, regions of thermodynamics stability are affected by noncommutativity, increasing the available states for which some thermodynamic stability conditions are satisfied.

A comparative review of four formulations of noncommutative quantum mechanics

Four formulations of quantum mechanics on noncommutative Moyal phase spaces are reviewed. These are the canonical, path-integral, Weyl-Wigner and systematic formulations. Although all these

Canonical Structure of Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics as Constraint System

Starting with the first-order singular Lagrangian, the canonical structure in the noncommutative quantum mechanics with the noncommutativities both of coordinates and momenta is investgated. Using

1/N expansion in noncommutative quantum mechanics

We study the 1/N expansion in noncommutative quantum mechanics for the anharmonic and Coulombian potentials. The expansion for the anharmonic oscillator presented good convergence properties, but for

On the quantum dynamics of non-commutative systems

This is a review paper concerned with the global consistency of the quantum dynamics of non-commutative systems. Our point of departure is the theory of constrained systems, since it provides a

From Noncommutative Sphere to Nonrelativistic Spin

Reparametrization invariant dynamics on a sphere, being parameterized by angular momentum coordinates, represents an example of noncommutative theory. It can be quantized according to Berezin-Marinov

Lorentz symmetry breaking in the noncommutative Wess-Zumino model : one loop corrections

In this paper we deal with the issue of Lorentz symmetry breaking in quantum field theories formulated in a noncommutative space-time. We show that, unlike in some recent analysis of quantum gravity

Analysis of nonrelativistic particles in noncommutative phase-space under new scalar and vector interaction terms

The Schrodinger equation in noncommutative phase space is considered with a combination of linear, quadratic, Coulomb and inverse square terms. Using the quasi exact ansatz approach, we obtain the



Noncommutative quantum mechanics: The Two-dimensional central field

Quantum mechanics in a noncommutative plane is considered. For a general two-dimensional central field, we find that the theory can be perturbatively solved for large values of the noncommutative

Noncommutative field theory

We review the generalization of field theory to space-time with noncommuting coordinates, starting with the basics and covering most of the active directions of research. Such theories are now known

Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics

A general non-commutative quantum mechanical system in a central potential $V=V(r)$ in two dimensions is considered. The spectrum is bounded from below and for large values of the anticommutative


The quantization of the noncommutative , U(1) super-Yang–Mills action is performed in the superfield formalism. We calculate the one-loop corrections to the self-energy of the vector superfield.

Magnetic fields, branes, and noncommutative geometry

We construct a simple physical model of a particle moving on the infinite noncommutative 2-plane. The model consists of a pair of opposite charges moving in a strong magnetic field. In addition, the

Open string with a background B-field as the first order mechanics and noncommutativity

To study noncommutativity properties of the open string with constant B-field we construct a mechanical action which reproduces classical dynamics of the string sector under consideration. It allows