Noncommutative fermions and Morita equivalence

  title={Noncommutative fermions and Morita equivalence},
  author={Diego H. Correa and Enrique F Moreno},
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The m-reduction in conformal field theory as the Morita equivalence on two-tori

We study the Morita equivalence for field theories on noncommutative two-tori. For rational values of the noncommutativity parameter θ (in appropriate units) we show the equivalence between an


We investigate through the Morita equivalence the problem of mapping, odd dimensional noncommutative lattice gauge theories onto suitable matrix models. We specialize our analysis to

Chiral anomaly and Ginsparg-Wilson relation on the noncommutative torus

We evaluate chiral anomaly on the noncommutative torus with the overlap Dirac operator satisfying the Ginsparg-Wilson relation in arbitrary even dimensions. Utilizing a topological argument, we show



Comments on the Morita equivalence

It is known that the noncommutative Yang-Mills (YM) theory with periodical boundary conditions on a torus at a rational noncommutativity parameter value is Morita equivalent to the ordinary YM theory

U-duality of Born-Infeld on the noncommutative two-torus

We discuss Born-Infeld on the noncommutative two-torus as a description of compactified string theory. We show that the resulting theory, including the fluctuations, is manifestly invariant under the

String theory and noncommutative geometry

We extend earlier ideas about the appearance of noncommutative geometry in string theory with a nonzero B-field. We identify a limit in which the entire string dynamics is described by a minimally

Aspects of Gauge Theory on Commutative and Noncommutative Tori

We study aspects of gauge theory on tori which are a consequences of Morita equivalence. In particular we study the behavior of gauge theory on non-commutative tori for arbitrarily close rational

Noncommutative Geometry and Matrix Theory: Compactification on Tori

We study toroidal compactification of Matrix theory, using ideas and results of noncommutative geometry. We generalize this to compactification on the noncommutative torus, explain the classification

Theta functions, modular invariance, and strings

We use Quillen's theorem and algebraic geometry to investigate the modular transformation properties of some quantities of interest in string theory. In particular, we show that the spin structure