Noncommutative Instantons and Twistor Transform

  title={Noncommutative Instantons and Twistor Transform},
  author={Anton Kapustin and Alexander Kuznetsov and Dmitri O. Orlov},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
Abstract: Recently N. Nekrasov and A. Schwarz proposed a modification of the ADHM construction of instantons which produces instantons on a noncommutative deformation of ℝ4. In this paper we study the relation between their construction and algebraic bundles on noncommutative projective spaces. We exhibit one-to-one correspondences between three classes of objects: framed bundles on a noncommutative ℙ2, certain complexes of sheaves on a noncommutative ℙ3, and the modified ADHM data. The… 
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