Noncommutative Gravity and the *-Lie algebra of diffeomorphisms

  title={Noncommutative Gravity and the *-Lie algebra of diffeomorphisms},
  author={Paolo Aschieri},
  journal={Protein Science},
  • P. Aschieri
  • Published 2 March 2007
  • Physics
  • Protein Science
We construct functions and tensors on noncommutative spacetime by systematically twisting the corresponding commutative structures. The study of the deformed diffeomorphisms (and Poincaré) Lie algebra allows to construct a noncomutative theory of gravity. PACS: 02.40.Gh, 02.20.Uw, 04.20.-q, 11.10.Nx, 04.60.-m. 2000 MSC: 83C65, 53D55, 81R60, 58B32 This article is based on common work with Christian Blohmann, Marija Dimitrijević, Frank Meyer, Peter Schupp, Julius Wess [1, 2] and on [3… 

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