Noncommutative Geometries and Gravity

  title={Noncommutative Geometries and Gravity},
  author={Folkert Muller-Hoissen},
We briefly review ideas about “noncommutativity of space-ti me” and approaches toward a corresponding theory of gravity. PACS: 02.40.Gh, 04.50.+h, 04.60.-m 

Quantum gravity, field theory and signatures of noncommutative spacetime

A pedagogical introduction to some of the main ideas and results of field theories on quantized spacetimes is presented, with emphasis on what such field theories may teach us about the problem of

A noncommutative geometric approach to the quantum structure of spacetime

Together with collaborators, we introduced a noncommutative Riemannian geometry over Moyal algebras and systematically developed it for noncommutative spaces embedded in higher dimensions in the last

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The focus of this PhD thesis is on applications, new developments and extensions of the noncommutative gravity theory proposed by Julius Wess and his group. In part one we propose an extension of

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We calculate leading long-distance noncommutative corrections to the classical Schwarzschild black hole sourced by a massive noncommutative scalar field. The energy-momentum tensor is taken O(l{sup

Field Theory with Coordinate Dependent Noncommutativity

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Minimal and maximal lengths of quantum gravity from non-Hermitian position-dependent noncommutativity

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We study Finsler black holes induced from Einstein gravity as possible effects of quantum spacetime noncommutativity. Such Finsler models are defined by nonholonomic frames not on tangent bundles but

Position-dependent mass in strong quantum gravitational background fields

More recently, we have proposed a set of noncommutative space that describes the quantum gravity at the Planck scale (2020 J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 53 115303). The interesting significant result we

Minimal and maximal lengths of quantum gravity from non-hermitian position-dependent noncommutativity

A minimum length scale of the order of Planck length is a feature of many models of quantum gravity that seek to unify quantum mechanics and gravitation. Recently, Perivolaropoulos in his seminal



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We introduce the notion of real structure in our spectral geometry. This notion is motivated by Atiyah’s KR‐theory and by Tomita’s involution J. It allows us to remove two unpleasant features of the

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Noncommutative Spaces and Algebras of Functions.- Projective Systems of Noncommutative Lattices.- Modules as Bundles.- A Few Elements of K-Theory.- The Spectral Calculus.- Noncommutative Differential

Reconstruction of manifolds in noncommutative geometry

We show that the algebra A of a commutative unital spectral triple (A,H,D) satisfying several additional conditions, slightly stronger than those proposed by Connes, is the algebra of smooth

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A gravitational field can be defined in terms of a moving frame, which when made noncommutative yields a preferred basis for a differential calculus. It is conjectured that to a linear perturbation

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Pseudo-Riemannian metrics in models based on noncommutative geometry

Several examples and models based on noncommutative differential calculi on commutative algebras indicate that a metric should be regarded as an element of the left-linear tensor product of the space

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Quantum fields, noncommutative spaces, and motives The Riemann zeta function and noncommutative geometry Quantum statistical mechanics and Galois symmetries Endomotives, thermodynamics, and the Weil