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Noncommutative (generalized) sine-Gordon/massive Thirring correspondence, integrability and solitons

  title={Noncommutative (generalized) sine-Gordon/massive Thirring correspondence, integrability and solitons},
  author={H. Blas and Hector L. Carri{\'o}n},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
Some properties of the correspondence between the non-commutative versions of the (generalized) sine-Gordon (NCGSG$_{1,2}$) and the massive Thirring (NCGMT$_{1,2}$) models are studied. Our method relies on the master Lagrangian approach to deal with dual theories. The master Lagrangians turn out to be the NC versions of the so-called affine Toda model coupled to matter fields (NCATM$_{1,2}$), in which the Toda field $g$ belongs to certain subgroups of $ GL(3)$, and the matter fields lie in the… 
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