Noncircular features in Saturn ’ s rings II : The C ring

  title={Noncircular features in Saturn ’ s rings II : The C ring},
  author={Philip D. Nicholson and Richard G. French and Colleen A. McGhee-French and M Hedman and Essam A. Marouf and Joshua Colwell and Katherine Lonergan and Talia Sepersky},
We present a comprehensive survey of sharp-edged features in Saturn’s C ring, using data from radio and stellar occultation experiments carried out by the Cassini spacecraft over a period of more than five years. Over 100 occultations are included in the combined data set, enabling us to identify systematic radial perturbations as small as 200 m on the edges of ringlets and gaps. We systematically examine all of the noncircular features in the C ring, refine the eccentricities, precession rates… CONTINUE READING


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