Noncellulolytic fungal beta-glucanases: their physiology and regulation.

  title={Noncellulolytic fungal beta-glucanases: their physiology and regulation.},
  author={Stuart M Pitson and Robert James Seviour and Barbara M McDougall},
  journal={Enzyme and microbial technology},
  volume={15 3},
The occurrence, regulation, and action of fungal enzymes capable of degrading noncellulosic beta-glucans, especially 1,3-beta- and 1,6-beta-glucans, are reviewed. Special consideration is given to their roles in both metabolic and morphogenetic events in the fungal cell, including cell wall extension, hyphal branching, sporulation, budding, and autolysis. Also examined are the protocols currently available for their purification, with some of the properties of purified beta-glucanases discussed… CONTINUE READING

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