Nonalgebraic length dependence of transmission through a chain of barriers with a Lévy spacing distribution

  title={Nonalgebraic length dependence of transmission through a chain of barriers with a L{\'e}vy spacing distribution},
  author={C. W. J. Beenakker and Christoph Groth and A. Akhmerov},
  journal={Physical Review B},
The recent realization of a ``L\'evy glass'' (a three-dimensional optical material with a L\'evy distribution of scattering lengths) has motivated us to analyze its one-dimensional analog: A linear chain of barriers with independent spacings $s$ that are L\'evy distributed: $p(s)\ensuremath{\propto}{s}^{\ensuremath{-}1\ensuremath{-}\ensuremath{\alpha}}$ for $s\ensuremath{\rightarrow}\ensuremath{\infty}$. The average spacing diverges for $0l\ensuremath{\alpha}l1$. A random walk along such a… 

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