Nonadiabatic Generation of a Pure Spin Current in a One-Dimensional Quantum Ring with Spin-Orbit Interaction

  title={Nonadiabatic Generation of a Pure Spin Current in a One-Dimensional Quantum Ring with Spin-Orbit Interaction},
  author={Marian Niţă and Dan C. Marinescu and Andrei Manolescu and Vidar Gudmundsson},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We demonstrate the theoretical possibility of obtaining a pure spin current in a 1D ring with spin-orbit interaction by irradiation with a non-adiabatic, two-component terahertz laser pulse, whose spatial asymmetry is reflected by an internal dephasing angle $\phi$. The stationary solutions of the equation of motion for the density operator are obtained for a spin-orbit coupling linear in the electron momentum (Rashba) and used to calculate the time-dependent charge and spin currents. We find… 

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