Non-word repetition and non-word discrimination in Swedish preschool children.

  title={Non-word repetition and non-word discrimination in Swedish preschool children.},
  author={Christina Reuterski{\"o}ld-Wagner and Birgitta S. Sahl{\'e}n and Angelique Nyman},
  journal={Clinical linguistics & phonetics},
  volume={19 8},
By looking at data on expressive phonology, non-word repetition, non-word discrimination and phonological sensitivity in two groups of Swedish children, the common basis for tasks tapping into different levels of phonological processing is discussed. Two studies were performed, one including children with language impairment (LI) and one including children with normal language development (NL). A discrimination task consisting of non-word pairs differing in one phoneme was developed. In both… CONTINUE READING

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