Non-uniform Differential Mesh Deformation

  title={Non-uniform Differential Mesh Deformation},
  author={Dong Xu and Hongxin Zhang and Hujun Bao},
  booktitle={Computer Graphics International},
In this paper, we propose a novel mesh deformation approach via manipulating differential properties non-uniformly. Guided by user-specified material properties, our method can deform the surface mesh in a non-uniform way while previous deformation techniques are mainly designed for uniform materials. The non-uniform deformation is achieved by material-dependent gradient field manipulation and Poisson-based reconstruction. Comparing with previous material-oblivious deformation techniques, our… 

Interactive mesh deformation with pseudo material effects

This paper presents a novel interactive mesh deformation method that can achieve various dynamic material effects, including elastic membrane and cloth effects, and proposes an edge‐weighting scheme based on a user‐specified vector field.

Feature, design intention and constraint preservation for direct modeling of 3D freeform surfaces

A novel 3D surface editing system capable of jointly accommodating aesthetic design intentions expressed in the form of surface painting and color-coded annotations, as well as engineering constraints expressed as dimensions is described.

Géométrie active pour l'animation et la modélisation

Engendrer en temps-reel des deformations visuellement realistes d'objets 3D, comme par exemple le corps et les vetements de personnages, est un point crucial en animation, que ce pour des

Animation de personnages par skinning à volume constant

La deformation de personnages animes par la methode de skinning est largement repandue dans le domaine du cinema et du jeu video grâce a son controle intuitif et a son evaluation rapide. Cependant,



Material-Aware Mesh Deformations

This paper proposes a new approach to model deformation that incorporates non-uniform materials into the geometric deformation framework and provides a simple and intuitive method to control the distribution of the bending and shearing throughout the model according to the local material stiffness.

Mesh editing with poisson-based gradient field manipulation

A novel approach to mesh editing with the Poisson equation as the theoretical foundation that modifies the original mesh geometry implicitly through gradient field manipulation, and can outperform previous related mesh editing techniques.

Multiresolution Shape Deformations for Meshes with Dynamic Vertex Connectivity

This paper proposes a dynamic mesh representation which adapts the connectivity during the modification in order to maintain a prescribed mesh quality and shows several examples which demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness of the approach including the editing of multiresolution models and models with texture.

Implicit fairing of irregular meshes using diffusion and curvature flow

Methods to rapidly remove rough features from irregularly triangulated data intended to portray a smooth surface are developed and it is proved that these curvature and Laplacian operators have several mathematically-desirable qualities that improve the appearance of the resulting surface.

Linear rotation-invariant coordinates for meshes

A rigid motion invariant mesh representation based on discrete forms defined on the mesh that enables linear shape interpolation that correctly handles rotations and demonstrates the effectiveness of the new representation with various detail-preserving editing operators and shape morphing.

Large mesh deformation using the volumetric graph Laplacian

A novel technique for large deformations on 3D meshes using the volumetric graph Laplacian is presented, allowing novice users to create pleasing deformations with little effort in a 2D curve-based deformation system.

Harmonic Guidance for Surface Deformation

An interactive method for applying deformations to a surface mesh while preserving its global shape and local properties and a harmonic field is constructed to guide the interpolation of constraints and to find correspondence required for deformation transfer.

A remeshing approach to multiresolution modeling

By remeshing the base surface such that the Voronoi areas of its vertices are equalized, this work turns the unsymmetric surface-related linear system into a symmetric one, such that simpler, more robust, and more efficient solvers can be applied.

Interactive multi-resolution modeling on arbitrary meshes

This paper generalizes powerful multiresolution techniques to arbitrary triangle meshes without requiring subdivision connectivity to obtain very fast mesh smoothing algorithms which are able to reduce noise from a geometrically specified frequency band in a multi-resolution decomposition.

An intuitive framework for real-time freeform modeling

A freeform modeling framework for unstructured triangle meshes which is based on constraint shape optimization and able to achieve real-time response in an interactive design session even for complex meshes by precomputing a set of scalar-valued basis functions that correspond to the degrees of freedom of the manipulator by which the user controls the modification.