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Non-thermal emission from galaxy clusters

  title={Non-thermal emission from galaxy clusters},
  author={C. Ferrari Uns and Cnrs and Oca and Laboratoire Cassiop'ee and Nice and France.},
The relevance of non-thermal cluster studies and the importance of combining observations of future radio surveys with WFXT data are discussed in this paper. 
Cluster magnetic fields through the study of polarized radio halos in the SKA era
Galaxy clusters are unique laboratories to investigate turbulent fluid motions and large scale magnetic fields. Synchrotron radio halos at the center of merging galaxy clusters provide the mostExpand
Using Tailed Radio Galaxies to Probe the Environment and Magnetic Field of Galaxy Clusters in the SKA Era
The morphology of tailed radio galaxies is an invaluable source of environmental information, in which a history of the past interactions in the intra-cluster medium, such as complex galaxy motionsExpand
Revealing the Physics and Evolution of Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters with SKA Continuum Surveys
In this chapter we provide an overview of the science enabled by radio continuum surveys in the SKA era, focusing on galaxy/galaxy cluster physics and evolution studies, and other relevant continuumExpand


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