Non-stoicheiometric clathrate compounds of water

  title={Non-stoicheiometric clathrate compounds of water},
  author={Richard Maling Barrer and William I. Stuart},
  journal={Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences},
  pages={172 - 189}
  • R. M. Barrer, W. I. Stuart
  • Published 1957
  • Chemistry
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
von Stackelberg & Muller (1951) and Muller & von Stackelberg (1952) have shown that two structural types of water lattice exist in which various species are intercalated to give solid hydrates. In the present paper a statistical thermodynamic interpretation is given of the properties of these clathrate phases of water. This method is a development of a procedure applied by van der Waals (1956) to clathrate compounds of quinol, and shows that these hydrates should be non-stoicheiometric. It is… Expand
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