Non-stationary (13)C-metabolic flux ratio analysis.

  title={Non-stationary (13)C-metabolic flux ratio analysis.},
  author={Manuel H{\"o}rl and Julian Schnidder and Uwe Sauer and Nicola Zamboni},
  journal={Biotechnology and bioengineering},
  volume={110 12},
(13)C-metabolic flux analysis ((13)C-MFA) has become a key method for metabolic engineering and systems biology. In the most common methodology, fluxes are calculated by global isotopomer balancing and iterative fitting to stationary (13)C-labeling data. This approach requires a closed carbon balance, long-lasting metabolic steady state, and the detection of (13)C-patterns in a large number of metabolites. These restrictions mostly reduced the application of (13)C-MFA to the central carbon… CONTINUE READING

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