Non-small-cell lung cancer molecular signatures recapitulate lung developmental pathways.

  title={Non-small-cell lung cancer molecular signatures recapitulate lung developmental pathways.},
  author={Alain C. Borczuk and Lyall A Gorenstein and Kristin L Walter and Adel A Assaad and Liqun Q Wang and Charles A. Powell},
  journal={The American journal of pathology},
  volume={163 5},
Current paradigms hold that lung carcinomas arise from pleuripotent stem cells capable of differentiation into one or several histological types. These paradigms suggest lung tumor cell ontogeny is determined by consequences of gene expression that recapitulate events important in embryonic lung development. Using oligonucleotide microarrays, we acquired gene profiles from 32 microdissected non-small-cell lung tumors. We determined the 100 top-ranked marker genes for adenocarcinoma, squamous… CONTINUE READING
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