Non-relativistic superstrings: a new soluble sector of AdS5 × S5

  title={Non-relativistic superstrings: a new soluble sector of AdS5 × S5},
  author={Jaume Gomis and Joaquim Gomis and Kiyoshi Kamimura},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We find a new sector of string theory in AdS5 × S5 describing non-relativistic superstrings in that geometry. The worldsheet theory of non-relativistic strings in AdS5 × S5 is derived and shown to reduce to a supersymmetric free field theory in AdS2. Non-relativistic string theory provides a new calculable setting in which to study holography. 
We briefly review a holography of non-relativistic (NR) string on AdS5×S5. The NR string can be regarded as a semiclassical string around an AdS2 classical solution corresponding to a straight Wilson
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