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Non-relativistic holography

  title={Non-relativistic holography},
  author={Marika Taylor},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
  • M. Taylor
  • Published 2 December 2008
  • Physics
  • arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory
We consider holography for d-dimensional scale invariant but non-Lorentz invariant field theories, which do not admit the full Schrodinger symmetry group. We find new realizations of the corresponding (d+1)-dimensional gravity duals, engineered with a variety of matter Lagrangians, and their finite temperature generalizations. The thermodynamic properties of the finite temperature backgrounds are precisely those expected for anisotropic, scale invariant field theories. The brane and string… 

Renormalization Group Flows in Non-Relativistic Holographic Effective Field Theories

We develop a formalism with two different UV cutoff scales, one for space and one for time, appropriate for the richer structure of non-Lorentz invariant quantum field theories. In this formalism

Holography for chiral scale-invariant models

Holography is explored for chiral scale-invariant models where the corresponding reduction of the dual field theory is along a null circle, and thus the Lifshitz theory arises upon discrete light cone quantization of an anisotropic scale invariant field theory.

A simple model of momentum relaxation in Lifshitz holography

We expand the holographic studies of momentum relaxation to include non-relativistic scaling symmetries in the ultraviolet. We do so by constructing black branes with Lifshitz asymptotics dressed

Lifshitz holography with isotropic scale invariance

A bstractIs it possible for an anisotropic Lifshitz critical point to actually exhibit isotropic conformal invariance? We answer this question in the affirmative by constructing a concrete

Correlation Functions in Non-Relativistic Holography

Recently constructed gravity solutions with Schrodinger symmetry provide a new example of AdS/CFT-type dualities for the type of non-relativistic field theories relevant to certain cold atom systems.

Holographic models with anisotropic scaling

We consider gravity duals to d+1 dimensional quantum critical points with anisotropic scaling. The primary motivation comes from strongly correlated electron systems in condensed matter theory but

Massive quasinormal mode in the holographic Lifshitz theory

We investigate the holographic renormalization of the Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theory which provides an asymptotic Lifshitz geometry dual to a Lifshitz field theory. In this case, the existence of a

Holographic charge diffusion in non-relativistic branes

Holographic Renormalization of Two-Point Functions in Non-AdS/Non-CFT

We review recent progress on holographic renormalization in the context of the gauge-gravity correspondence when the bulk geometry is not asymptotically AdS. The prime example is the

Holography and ARPES sum-rules

A bstractWe study correlation functions of elementary fermions in strongly interacting field theories using the AdS/CFT correspondence. This correspondence generically associates bulk fields to



Gravity duals for nonrelativistic conformal field theories.

This work attempts to generalize the anti-de Sitter/conformal field theory correspondence to nonrelativistic conformal field theories which are invariant under Galilean transformations, and constructs a family of metrics which realize these symmetries as isometries.

Heating up Galilean holography

We embed a holographic description of a quantum field theory with Galilean conformal invariance in string theory. The key observation is that such field theories may be realized as conventional

Gravity duals for non-relativistic CFTs

We attempt to generalize the AdS/CFT correspondence to non-relativistic conformal field theories which are invariant under Galilean transformations. Such systems govern ultracold atoms at unitarity,

Comments on string theory backgrounds with non-relativistic conformal symmetry

We consider non-relativistic conformal quantum mechanical theories that arise by doing discrete light cone quantization of field theories. If the field theory has a gravity dual, then the conformal

Non-relativistic Holography and Singular Black Hole

Non-relativistic branes

We construct gravitational non-relativistic brane solutions of type IIA/IIB string theories and M-theory and their near-horizon geometries. The non-relativistic M2 and M5-brane metrics have

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We develop a Hamiltonian picture for a family of models of nonrelativistic AdS/CFT duality. The Schrodinger group is realized via the conformal quantum mechanics of De Alfaro, Fubini and Furlan in

AdS/CFT duality for non-relativistic field theory

We formulate a correspondence between non-relativistic conformal field theories (NRCFTs) in d?1 spatial dimensions and gravitational theories in AdSd+2 backgrounds with one compactified lightlike

Families of IIB duals for nonrelativistic CFTs

We show that the recent string theory embedding of a spacetime with nonrelativistic Schrodinger symmetry can be generalised to a twenty one dimensional family of solutions with that symmetry. Our

Quantum Criticality and Yang-Mills Gauge Theory