Non-random inactivation of large common fragile site genes in different cancers.

  title={Non-random inactivation of large common fragile site genes in different cancers.},
  author={Sarah McAvoy and Sree C Ganapathiraju and Allison L Ducharme-Smith and Jay R Pritchett and Farhad Kosari and Damon S Perez and Yu Meng Zhu and C. David James and David I. Smith},
  journal={Cytogenetic and genome research},
  volume={118 2-4},
The common fragile sites are regions of profound genomic instability found in all individuals. The full size of each region of instability ranges from under one megabase (Mb) to greater than 10 Mbs. At least half of the CFS regions have been found to span extremely large genes that spanned from 600 kb to greater than 2.0 Mbs. The large CFS genes are also very interesting from a cancer perspective as several of them, including FHIT and WWOX, have already demonstrated the capacity to function as… CONTINUE READING
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