Non-protein (free and protein-bound) tryptophan content in cereal and legume seed flours

  title={Non-protein (free and protein-bound) tryptophan content in cereal and legume seed flours},
  author={Stefano Comai and Antonella Bertazzo and Lucia Bailoni and Mirella Zancato and Carlo Virgilio Luigi Costa and Graziella Allegri},
Chemical composition and nutritional characteristics of several cereal grain
An analysis chemical composition of 33 samples of five cereal grains harvested in one- year led to a conclusion that the greatest variations and statistically significant differences (P≤0.01) among
Potential for quality protein maize for reducing proteinenergy undernutrition in maize dependent Sub-Saharan African countries: A review
Examination of existing information on institutional arrangements, infrastructure and social systems hampering adoption of quality protein maize was examined to identify opportunities for promoting the campaign for its utilisation in SSA, through  innovative research for development initiatives.
Chemical Composition and Amino Acid Content in Different Genotypes of Wheat Flour
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the chemical parameters and amino acid content in 10 genotypes of soft Albanian wheat organically grown and collected during the summer seasons of 2014. The
Nutritional traits of bean ( Phaseolus vulgaris ) seeds from plants chronically exposed to ozone pollution.
Among seed macronutrients, ozone significantly raised total lipids, crude proteins, and dietary fiber and slightly decreased total free amino acid content, although with a significant reduction of asparagine, lysine, valine, methionine, and glycine, compensated by a conspicuous augmentation of ornithine and tryptophan.
Grain chemical composition of different varieties of winter cereals@@@Įvairių veislių žieminių javų grūdų cheminė sudėtis
The chemical composition of grain of the triticale varieties was more similar to that of wheat varieties compared with rye varieties and the study revealed that the wheat variety ‘Zentos’, the rye varieties ‘Dankowskie Amber’ and the tirticale variety ’SW Talentro’ accumulated a higher amount of amino acids in comparison with the other cereal varieties tested.
Determination of some macro and micro elements in grain of winter barley genotypes
The objective of this paper is to determine the content of some macro and micro elements in grain of winter barley genotypes. As experimental material, total 21 two row barley genotypes were used


The specific binding of L-tryptophan to serum albumin.
Amino acid composition and nutritional score for ten cereals and six legumes or oilseeds : causes and ranges of variations according to species and to seed nitrogen content
Importance de la variabilite inter- et intraspecifique des teneurs en acides amines en fonction du taux d'azote proteique dans des grains de cereales et des graines de legumineuses ou d'oleagineux
Free Tryptophan in Plasma and Brain Tryptophan Metabolism
Often when 5HT turnover in the rat brain increases—as indicated by higher concentrations of its metabolite 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid (5HIAA)—there is a corresponding increase in brain tryptophan.