Non-perturbative Pion Matrix Element of a twist-2 operator from the Lattice

  title={Non-perturbative Pion Matrix Element of a twist-2 operator from the Lattice},
  author={M. Guagnelli and Karl Jansen and Filippo Palombi and Roberto Petronzio and Andrea Shindler},
We give a continuum limit value of the lowest moment of a twist-2 operator in pion states from non-perturbative lattice calculations. We find that the non-perturbatively obtained renormalization group invariant matrix element is 〈x〉RGI = 0.179(11), which corresponds to 〈x〉 MS(2 GeV) = 0.246(15). In obtaining the renormalization group invariant matrix element, we have controlled important systematic errors that appear in typical lattice simulations, such as non-perturbative renormalization… CONTINUE READING


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