Non-offending Pedophiles

  title={Non-offending Pedophiles},
  author={James M. Cantor and Ian V. McPhail},
  journal={Current Sexual Health Reports},
Non-offending pedophiles are a unique population of individuals who experience sexual interest in children, but despite common misperceptions, have neither had sexual contact with a child nor have accessed illegal child sexual exploitation material. An emerging body of research has examined the prevalence of pedophilic interests, characteristics of non-offending pedophiles, correlates of pedophilic interests, and stigma associated with pedophilia. Treatment programs are beginning to produce… 
Can Nonoffending Pedophiles Be Reached for the Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse by Addressing Nonoffending Individuals Who Are Attracted to Minors in the United States? New Strategies With The Global Prevention Project
A new prevention strategy against child sexual abuse (both offline and online) in the United States is introduced and the treatment modality is described to provide transparency in the clinical work.
Examining the judgments of pedophiles in relation to a non-sexual offense
ABSTRACT Even though pedophilia is not synonymous with child sexual abuse, it remains a highly stigmatized phenomenon. As such, non-offending pedophilic individuals are judged as being dangerous,
Misuse of Child Sexual Abuse Images: Treatment Course of a Self-Identified Pedophilic Pastor
ABSTRACT The recurrent use of child sexual abuse images (CSAI) for sexual arousal is considered a valid indicator for the existence of a pedophilic preference, which in turn represents a significant
Empathy in pedophilia and sexual offending against children: A multifaceted approach.
Evidence is indicated for higher general affective empathic resonance to children in pedophilic men but superior cognitive empathy abilities in nonoffending pedophiles only, which may act as a protective factor in the prevention of sexual offending.
Pedophilia, Pseudopedophilia and Psychopathy
Introduction: Pedophilia is a medical-psychiatric diagnosis, but it is often confused with a criminal practice, which deserves a better view. Aim: To distinguish different situations that may cause
Born This Way? A Qualitative Examination of Public Perceptions of the Causes of Pedophilia and Sexual Offending against Children
ABSTRACT Understanding public opinion about the causes of pedophilia and/or child sex offending is vital, as the views of the public influence how governments respond to sexual offenders. However,
Understanding the lived experience of British non-offending paedophiles
Research into paedophilia mainly uses offender samples; thus, little is understood about non-offending paedophiles. The limited body of research has been conducted in North America or Europe whose
Comparison of Self-Identified Minor-Attracted Persons Who Have and Have Not Successfully Refrained From Sexual Activity With Children
Findings support the existence of MAPs who successfully refrain from sexually engaging with children, identifying multiple protective and risk factors.
Humanizing Pedophilia as Stigma Reduction: A Large-Scale Intervention Study
It is found that narratives had consistently positive effects on all measured aspects of stigmatization (dangerousness, intentionality), whereas an informative alternative had mixed results, and actually increased perceptions of pedophiles' levels of deviance.
Pornography Use, Offense-Supportive Cognitions, Atypical Sexual Interests, and Sexual Offending against Children
Bivariate analyses support the idea that people seek pornography that matches their sexual interests and Moderation analyses suggested that, as hypothesized, child pornography consumption amplifies the effect of sexual interests for boys on sexual offending against boy victims, but that moderation effect was not found forSexual offending against girls.


Are Sex Drive and Hypersexuality Associated with Pedophilic Interest and Child Sexual Abuse in a Male Community Sample?
In clinical practice an assessment of criminal history and pedophilic interests in hypersexual individuals and vice versa hypersexuality in antisocial or pedophilic men should be considered as particularly antisociality and Pedophilic interest are important predictors of sexual offending against prepubescent children.
Assessment of Implicit Sexual Associations in Non-Incarcerated Pedophiles
Results indicated that the combination of both tasks produced the strongest results to date in detecting implicit pedophilic preferences, and the PAT showed promise in decomposing the sexual associations in pedophiles.
Being Sexually Attracted to Minors: Sexual Development, Coping With Forbidden Feelings, and Relieving Sexual Arousal in Self-Identified Pedophiles
Insight into pedophilic attraction and risk and protective factors for offending in nonclinical pedophiles and results suggest that risk for offending can be diminished by creating more openness about pedophilia and by providing pedophiles with social support and control.
The Origins of Sexual Offending
This article proposes that the origins of sexual offending lie in the offender's experience of poor quality childhood relationships with their parents. This is said to increase their risk of being
Punitive Attitudes Against Pedophiles or Persons With Sexual Interest in Children: Does the Label Matter?
  • R. Imhoff
  • Psychology
    Archives of sexual behavior
  • 2015
Unlike any other stigma the authors know of, punitive attitudes against pedophiles were associated positively with social desirability, suggesting that participants saw it as particularly socially desirable to condemn someone based on their deviant sexual interest.
Interest in child molestation among a community sample of men sexually attracted to children
ABSTRACT Research including community samples of men suggests that sexual attraction to children, a significant risk factor for child sex-offending behaviour, may not be limited to forensic
Stigmatization of People with Pedophilia: Two Comparative Surveys
Results strongly indicate that people with pedophilia are a stigmatized group who risk being the target of fierce discrimination and affected by affective reactions to this group and the political attitude of right-wing authoritarianism.
How unusual are the contents of paraphilias? Paraphilia-associated sexual arousal patterns in a community-based sample of men.
The findings suggest that paraphilia-related experience can not be regarded as unusual from a normative perspective and, in view of the relevance for sex life and relationship satisfaction, presence of PASAP should be assessed in all sexual medicine consultations.
Can pedophiles be reached for primary prevention of child sexual abuse? First results of the Berlin Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD)
The Berlin Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD) aims to prevent child sexual abuse (CSA) by targeting men who fear they may sexually abuse children, and who seek help without being mandated to do so.