Non-ocular photoreceptors and photo-orientation in the pond snailLymnaea stagnalis (L.)

  title={Non-ocular photoreceptors and photo-orientation in the pond snailLymnaea stagnalis (L.)},
  author={Yvonne A. van Duivenboden},
  journal={Journal of comparative physiology},
Photo-orientation of the pond snailLymnaea stagnalis (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Basommatophora) was tested in a directed light field. The snails were tested, one at a time, on a horizontal glass plate in a frosted black perspex tank (Fig. 1). Intact control snails showed a clear positive photo-orientation and removal of eyes, of tentacles, or of eyes and tentacles had only minor effects upon the orientation parameters tested (Fig. 2). Evidently non-ocular photoreceptors function in positive photo… CONTINUE READING
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