Non-native freshwater fauna in Portugal: A review.

  title={Non-native freshwater fauna in Portugal: A review.},
  author={Pedro M Anast{\'a}cio and Filipe Ribeiro and C{\'e}sar Capinha and Filipe Banha and Mafalda Gama and Ana F Filipe and Rui Rebelo and Ronaldo Sousa},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},
  volume={650 Pt 2},
  • Pedro M Anastácio, Filipe Ribeiro, +5 authors Ronaldo Sousa
  • Published in
    The Science of the total…
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • We present the most updated list of non-native freshwater fauna established in Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira archipelagos. This list includes 67 species at national level but corresponds to 84 species records, of which 53 are in the mainland, 23 in the Azores and 8 in Madeira archipelagos. We also discuss the progression of the cumulative number of introductions since 1800 and identify the most probable vectors of introduction, main taxonomic groups and their regions of origin… CONTINUE READING

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