Non-malignant leukocytes delay spontaneous B-CLL cell apoptosis

  title={Non-malignant leukocytes delay spontaneous B-CLL cell apoptosis},
  author={Romina Gamberale and Jorge Ra{\'u}l Geffner and Guillermo Arrosagaray and Mariano Scolnik and Gabriela Ver{\'o}nica Salamone and Anal{\'i}a S Trevani and M{\'o}nica Vermeulen and Mirta Nilda Giordano},
Malignant B cells from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL) patients have a long survival in vivo, although, in culture, they spontaneously die by apoptosis. Here, we analyzed the capacity of accessory leukocytes to modulate apoptosis of B-CLL cells in vitro. To this end, we performed long-term cultures using total mononuclear cells (TMC) from B-CLL patients and TMC depleted from monocytes, NK cells and T lymphocytes (B-CLL cells). In all the patients studied (n = 25) the presence of accessory… CONTINUE READING


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